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We provide a wide range of supporting services that arise from our three main areas of development. Nevertheless, we are also open to projects that do not extrictly follow the regular formats.

Value, Access and Pricing

We help you create and develop Evidence-Based Value Strategies and value communications to reflect the clinical and economic impact of health technologies for patients, payers, and clinicians.

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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Our modeling techniques (budget impact analysis models, cost-effectiveness analysis) BIM, CEA, value analysis) support a trustworthy value analysis of your pharmaceutical products, medical devices or diagnostic technology.

Data Analytics and Real-World Evidence

We help you identify the best niche to generate RWE (clinical, regulatory and reimbursement). Additionally, we search the most important stakeholders (hospitals, research centers and clinics) for your product and the best technology to extract the insights (AI, Data Science or NLP).

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Precision Medicine

We immerse ourselves in your product scope, lifecycle and target to help you design the best strategies to maximize clinical efficiency. Those strategies will be made with the latest trends in precision and translational medicine. We can help you innovate in diagnostics, screening, biomarker design, follow-up and patient compliance.

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

Being different and smart is the key to potentiate engagement. We guide you to create AI algorithms that can improve your product's life cycle and impact. Those can be tools produced by your organization to help the medical community to diagnose patients, reunite clinical evidence and find patterns in clinical data. Good ideas leave a footprint in the market.

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