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About us

We are a company that helps professionals in the industry and the government to develop innovative projects to improve patient's lives. 

Our Capital

We are a team nurtured by experienced medical affairs, market access, health economics and health policy professionals.  Additionally, we have unique capabilities in creating and integrating artificial intelligence and digital health into start-ups and pharma.

Our Philosophy

We want to hear your needs and ideas and help you build what you need to make an impact in your organization. We are certain that we can help you create innovative developments to help patients in need.

Our Engagement

We understand that every situtation is unique and solutions need to be immersed in essence of your organization. That is why we would complement our results with key insights of your oganization's culture and values. 

Our Results Orientation

Because we understand that results are crucial to continue a fruitful working relationship, we are committed to produce them in a timely manner. That is why we implement AGILE methodologies to deliver working parts every few days. 

Image by Tu Tram Pham

Areas of development

Thanks to all the years of training and experience of our consultants, we are able to provide a vast range of services.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research



Our health economics and outcomes researchers have strong track records of HEOR developments for healthcare innovation. They engage and participate in the most renowned professional societies (ISPOR, ISPE, SMDM) and have a proven background in building projects for pharma and for governments. 

Image by Luke Chesser
Image by Sammy Williams

Medical Affairs and Diagnostics


Our consultants have extensive experience in global medical affairs across pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They understand the key to successfully building a medical value story, KOL engagement and evidence generation and communication. Their backgrounds are immersed in multiple therapeutic areas ranging from specialty care to rare diseases.

Artificial Intelligence


The third department counts with specialists in Healthcare AI that have been trained in the best schools all over the world. They posses a vast number of publications of successful AI solutions. They are also founders of digital health start-ups hence they understand perfectly where opportunities lies and how to make them happen. 

Image by Daniel Korpai
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